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Drafting a Will or Trust

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Many New York residents want to ensure that they are prepared for whatever the future may hold - they obtain insurance, save for their children's college funds, receive preventive medical care and plan for retirement. But one thing that many people do not realize can greatly benefit them and their families is drafting a will or establishing a living trust. Just like other preventive and planning measures that individuals take, wills and testaments should become a part of your list of considerations. When you plan for the future, you are protecting your family and assets from costly collection attempts as well as the stress that dealing with governmental agencies and intestacy laws can cause beneficiaries.

At Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P., the attorneys stand ready to provide their clients with outstanding legal representation and dedicated experience in drafting and executing wills and trusts. The team has more than 70 years of combined legal experience and an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of probate law in New York. With each client that the firm takes on, the lawyers fully review the situation and ensure that all of the client's needs are met in the will or trust. A guardian, or administrator or executor, will be appointed, and the firm will work with the appointee or you throughout the entire proceeding. Questions or concerns about drafting a will and establishing a final will and testament or living trust can be directed to Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. during a consultation.

Drafting a Will

In New York, residents who are considering drafting a will or testament should first and foremost hire an experienced attorney. In order to finalize a will in New York, you must have at least two witnesses sign your will and you must sign the will in front of your two witnesses. While the will does not need to be notarized, you will need to go through a notary if you wish to have your will be self-proving. The state of New York also requires that you appoint an executor who will carry out the terms addressed in your will at the time of your passing. This executor can be an attorney, family member or any other person you trust to carry out your wishes.

Establishing a Trust

There are a few types of trusts that you can establish in New York. One of the most popular types of a trust is called a living trust. In a living trust, you and your attorney determine a beneficiary and create a trust that you will maintain control over until you pass. If you choose to draft a trust, you will still need to establish a will; doing so can help you expedite or avoid the administration process after your passing. In some cases, living trusts can reduce an estate tax. If you have questions or concerns regarding trusts and wills, do not hesitate to contact Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. right away and speak with a Queens probate lawyer now! We proudly provide legal representation for residents of the New York metropolitan area, as well as those who are living in Suffolk, Nassau, and Westchester counties.

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