When to Seek a Divorce Lawyer’s Guidance: Navigating Queens County

Ending a marriage is challenging no matter where you live. However, for residents of Queens, the most populous borough of New York City with over 2.3 million diverse residents, filing for divorce comes with unique considerations. From navigating the complexities of the local court system to dealing with the higher cost of living while separating […]

More Siblings May Reduce the Risk of Divorce Later in Life

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One study was recently released that may be good news for people who endured years of sibling rivalry, annoying little sisters and obnoxious little brothers. The data comes from the General Social Survey, which spans from 1972 to 2012 and it suggests that each additional sibling that a person has may reduce their likelihood of divorce by […]

5 Tips for Those Going Through a Divorce


Anyone going through their first divorce is – more or less – unready. There’s nothing you can encounter that will properly prepare you for all the complications and headaches that are undoubtedly coming your way. But that doesn’t mean you have to be totally baffled. There are a few universal tips you should know that […]

Recent Survey Highlights Gaps in Same-sex Marriage Approval Rates

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The public opinion of same-sex marriage rights seem to be in an upswing after the United States Supreme Court granted them nationwide after a historic June 2015 ruling. The Pew Research Center conducted a wide-ranging survey between July 14th and July 20th to try to get a better gauge on how the newly founded legislation was faring. Out of […]