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If you have issues with marriage, domestic partnership, spousal maintenance, alimony, child support, adoption, reproductive rights, property division and more, you’ve found the right law firm. Pollak & Slepian are experts in family law and will help guide you through the intricacies of all New York State statutes and case law in such areas

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There are many infants and children who are available for adoption through the foster care system, an orphanage or private adoption agency. If you and your family wish to adopt a child, then you are pursuing a noble process that can bring great joy to your family. The process itself can be extremely difficult, complex, and confusing if you do not have the assistance of an experienced attorney on your side.

The team at Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. understands the adoption process. We will put 85+ years of combined experience to work for you, helping you to reach the joyful day when your family gains a new member.

You will be faced with numerous aspects of legal procedure before you can adopt a child. The adoption process includes the following and more:

  • Documentation
  • Interviews
  • Investigations
  • Background checks

You will need to be thoroughly prepared for the long haul. In addition, there are many challenges that can unexpectedly arise during the process. Without the right representation, adoption can take much longer than it normally would.

Having an adoption lawyer by your side can take the stress out of the adoption process. Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. has the legal knowledge and experience to guide you each step of the way. With their help, you can have confidence that your adoption case will run as smoothly as possible and that you have a legal advocate on your side to protect your rights.

You need a family law attorney on your side who has traversed the complex area of adoption law many times in the past, and can guide you through all of the legal issues and paperwork in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our firm understands the issues that will arise, has the expertise you need, and you will receive the full extent of our talent when you retain our services.

With many years of experience and strict dedication to providing strong, aggressive representation yet compassionate service, our firm offers the quality of legal counsel you need to succeed. Residents of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, or Westchester County should contact us today to discuss the situation you face and to retain our services in pursuing adoption!


At Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P., the team of divorce attorneys understands that divorce can be a challenging and emotionally charged process. With so many elements involved, including child custody, visitation, spousal support, and the division of property, it can be difficult to come to an agreement with your spouse.

Our firm’s attorneys will put more than 85+ years of combined legal experience to work on your behalf, helping you find middle ground through alternative dispute resolution. This will help avoid a heated courtroom battle by allowing you and your spouse to resolve your issues out of court. Our lawyers will make it a priority to identify your specific goals and needs and will offer legal services tailored to your situation. Let us provide the skilled legal representation that will make a substantial difference.

If you and your spouse are able to discuss your disagreements, mediation and collaborative family law may provide good alternatives to having your divorce settled by a court or judge. In this process, the firm’s family law attorneys can work with you and your partner to reach an agreement on any outstanding divorce related issues. If these are not viable options, you may be able to take advantage of arbitration, which involves a neutral third party who listens to both sides and makes a decision.

With so much at stake in a divorce process, you need legal professionals who are willing to listen to your circumstances, explain your legal options, and use our insight to help you and your family reach a favorable outcome. The firm’s experienced lawyers are prepared to do exactly that. You don’t have to face the divorce process alone. Contact a family law attorney and gain a seasoned advocate for your case.

When pursuing custody or visitation rights, you need to ensure that your rights are being upheld and that you are not being taken advantage of during these legal proceedings. Divorce can often be fraught with highly  contested and hostile issues, and some couples go through the process feeling betrayed and hurt. Such emotionally volatile circumstances often result in retaliation by one parent against the other. This can cause dissension as well as legal complications.

Retaliatory actions can include any of the following actions:

  • Denial of visitation rights
  • Hostility when exchanging custody
  • Parental alienation (saying disparaging things to the children about the other parent)

If you are suffering because your rights to custody or visitation with your child are being infringed upon, then you need to seek professional assistance from a divorce lawyer at Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. to pursue legal action.

If either you or your ex-spouse are having significant difficulties with the current arrangements for visitation and custody, you might be able to obtain a modification. When granting a modification, the judge will look for certain evidence as to the need, and the results of the change. If you have recently changed jobs where you are working different hours, then the judge may be willing to grant a modification. Also, the judge will consider what is in the best interests of the child involved. If it is in the child’s best interest to make this modification, then you may be granted the change.

Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. is a family law firm that has been dedicated to the residents of the five boroughs of New York for a number of years. The firm’s attorneys have more than 85+ years of combined experience, which gives them a tremendous advantage when providing a client with representation. When representing clients, we can draw on past experiences as well collaborate to find the best solution to a difficult issue. And we know how to evaluate what can feasibly be achieved in many cases.

Contact us to begin pursuing the custody and visitation orders you need. We serve clients throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of divorce cases, child custody disputes can turn into long, frustrating legal battles with both sides unwilling to budge. The child custody dispute lawyers at Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. have more than 85+ years of combined legal experience. We pair aggressive representation with compassionate dedication and personal service. When you come to them, you can trust you will receive legal counsel tailored to meet your individual needs. Regardless of how complex your case may be, we have the skills and experience to handle it effectively.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your child custody dispute, you and your partner may have several options for resolving your disagreements. First, you can attempt to come to a resolution together, without the help of attorneys or other intermediaries. If that fails, it may be possible to take advantage of mediation or collaborative law, in which, with the help of lawyers, you work out your differences and come to an understanding. You can also use arbitration, which involves a neutral third party who will listen to both sides of the issue and make a decision. If you cannot agree through any of these avenues, a judge may decide custody for you and your family.

The divorce attorneys at our firm are committed to protecting your interests through each step of the legal process. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss any concerns you may have. You will also have the opportunity to hear more about your legal options and the steps we can take on your behalf. Don’t wait to get the legal assistance that can make a difference for your family. Contact the firm today to get started.

When a judge approves a child custody order, he or she takes into account a number of factors, including the parents’ income, living situations, the child’s age and others. If one or more of these circumstances change, it may be necessary to modify the child custody agreement. At Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P., the child custody modification lawyers have more than eight decades of combined legal experience. We have helped thousands of individuals find solutions to their legal challenges and are prepared to do the same for you. Let a firm that offers a personalized approach provide the representation you need.

Child custody plans can be modified in one of two ways. The parents can agree at any time to change the stipulations of their original agreement. Or, a court can decide a modification is necessary at any point as well. Courts often look for stability when making decisions for families and children. If any of the following change, a judge may decide to alter the child custody agreement:

  • The child’s age
  • A parent’s earnings
  • A parent’s location (e.g., if one moves out of state)
  • A harmful living situation
  • Failure of either parent to abide by the rules of the original agreement

When dealing with sensitive family issues, you need a child custody modification attorney who will listen to you as an individual, especially if a dispute arises. When you come to the firm’s team of lawyers, you won’t feel like just another number. Instead, they will take the time to assess your situation, respond to any questions or concerns, and explain your legal options. Gain an advocate on your side by contacting our firm today.


If a judge has ordered your former spouse to pay child support and he or she has not done so, you need skilled legal assistance from Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. on your side. Or, if you require an increase in financial contribution from the other parent or conversely, are unable to meet your child support responsibilities and would like to petition the court to modify your payments, a seasoned attorney from the firm is prepared to help. The firm’s team of New York child support lawyers has more than eight decades of combined legal experience-insight they put to work on your behalf to help you obtain the results you and your family need.

In divorces that involve children or in non-marital cases where children are present, courts often order one spouse or parent to pay child support payments for a certain amount of time. If the paying parent does not fulfill his or her obligations, it may be possible to pursue back child support payments in a variety of ways, including:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Tax refund interception
  • Passport denial
  • Driver’s license suspension

As a last resort, the individual owing payments may be incarcerated. For individuals hoping to modify child support, a court can agree to temporarily or permanently modify the amount the parent must pay, or the two parents can agree to a different payment and have a court approve the updated plan. A New York divorce lawyer can help you make the decision that is best for you.

Regardless of situation, the child support lawyers from Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. have the skills and experience to handle your case effectively. When you come to them, you will receive the personalized attention and exceptional service you deserve. Their family lawyers pair aggressive litigation tactics with compassionate dedication to their clients, a combination that sets them apart from the competition.

Contact the firm today to get the help you need from a divorce lawyer in NY.


After the court issues your child support, it is very possible that your circumstances may drastically change, potentially altering your need for support or your ability to pay. For example, you could become disabled, which could cause you to be unable to work and pay the full amount of child support that is due each month. Your child might also have changes in his or her needs, such as the development of a medical condition, that call for more child support. In cases such as these, you will need to petition for a modification of child support.

The firm, Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P., is well-equipped with dedicated family law attorneys who will help you increase your chances of getting your court order changed as needed.

The court will usually only make a change to a child support order if there are substantial changes in circumstances. Either parent can petition for a modification of child support. As outlined by the New York State Unified Court System, the parent must file a petition for modification that includes an explanation of why he or she wants the change. The other parent must be served with the petition and summons. Next, a hearing is held in the parent’s local family court before the final decision is made.

Under recent changes to the law, a child support order entered on or after Oct. 13, 2010 becomes eligible for modification when:

  • Three years have passed since the order was entered, last changed or adjusted; either parent’s gross income has changed by 15% or more since the order was entered, last changed or adjusted
If any of the circumstances described above have occurred, the order or agreement of child support may be subject to modification. 


If you are a paying parent who has child support demands that are impossible for you to comply with, it is vital that you get the necessary legal help for getting your support order changed. By failing to comply with the existing order, you can end up facing serious repercussions for violating a court order. Furthermore, if you are a custodial parent, a strong family law attorney can potentially help you get increased support so that your child’s needs can be met—considering that the other parent is actually able to pay.

The legal team at Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. works hard for its clients, helping them to present the appropriate evidence to the court that shows their needs for modification. The law firm handles many different types of family law matters for individuals in the New York metropolitan area

The decision to end your marriage is not one that should be taken lightly. There are many moving parts associated with a divorce and each one must be handled with tact for the best possible outcome. At Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P., our divorce lawyers have more than 85+ years of combined experience helping individuals navigate the complexities of divorce. We would be honored to do the same for you.

New York allows couples to file for divorce if they can agree that there has been an “irretrievable breakdown” in their marriage for a period of at least six months immediately prior to the commencement of an action for divorce. This is based on “no-fault” grounds and essentially means that there is no hope of reconciliation. In order to get a no-fault divorce, one spouse must state that the marriage has brown down irretrievably for six months or longer.

Other grounds for divorce include the following:

  • Cruel and inhuman treatment
  • Abandonment for one or more years
  • Imprisonment for three or more years
  • Adultery, or

One year has passed after a separation agreement or a judgement of separation has been granted. After one spouse files for divorce, both will need to agree on important issues like asset division, spousal and child support and child custody and visitation. If spouses cannot agree, the divorce is considered ‘contested’ and the court’s involvement may become necessary.

Depending on your circumstances, a divorce can take anywhere from several weeks to several years to finalize. An attorney is beneficial throughout the process to guide discussions between you and your spouse and ensure that you don’t walk away with less than you deserve.

We understand just how significant this decision is and will respect your concerns along the way. As a small firm, we’re able to stay in close communication with our clients to achieve an outcome they feel comfortable with. With a compassionate advocate on your side, you may be able to avoid much of the tension associated with divorce.

Why wait to pursue what you’ve always wanted? Contact a divorce attorney now!

Want a divorce that’s as fast and simple as possible? If you and your spouse have agreed to the major elements of your divorce, uncontested divorce may be an option. This streamlined process can allow both of you to go through the necessary legal steps quickly and smoothly.

An uncontested divorce lawyer from Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. can walk you through the appropriate documentation and ensure you have addressed any outstanding issues. The firm’s attorneys have more than 85+ years of combined legal experience and are well versed in divorce law. They have helped countless clients resolve their family law issues and move on with their lives. When you turn to them, you can trust you will be treated compassionately as an individual. We will review your case and develop legal strategies tailored to meet your unique situation and goals.

While many divorces involve lengthy legal battles, uncontested divorces allow spouses to take advantage of a simpler, more straightforward legal process. Both sides must have agreements in place for child custody, visitation, spousal and child support, and any other relevant issues. In addition, both individuals must agree to the division of property and other assets involved. If one partner challenges any of these agreements, the divorce may move to a contested process. Uncontested divorces are generally less expensive and involve less stress for all parties.

The family law attorneys at the firm recognize that divorce can be an overwhelming process. That’s why they make every effort to reduce the strain on you and your family by handling the legal process effectively on your behalf. Take the next step by scheduling a consultation to discuss your needs and ask any questions you may have.

Many families make it through the divorce process relieved to have the legal battles behind them. When a former spouse refuses to pay child support or otherwise follow a court order, these individuals may not know how enforce these stipulations. With the help of a family law attorney from Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P., you can take the appropriate legal steps to hold that person accountable. The firm’s team of lawyers has more than 85+ years of combined legal experience and understands how to navigate even the most complex family law cases. They work hard to make clients their top priority, providing personalized representation tailored to each individual’s needs. Turn to the firm with a reputation for excellent legal assistance today.

Through the Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984, you have access to courts who will enforce the court order and obtain child support from the non-paying parent. Your former spouse will receive papers that mandate a meeting to create a plan for repaying support. If your ex-spouse refuses, legal action such as wage garnishment, intercepting tax refunds, gaining control of property, and even suspending a State issued license can be used to make him or her comply and to access funds for child support. If all of these efforts fail, a court may decide to incarcerate the defaulting parent.

The firm’s team of lawyers understands what is at stake with family law cases. That’s why they work tirelessly on behalf of clients, ensuring they do everything possible to help clients reach a favorable outcome. Their commitment and exceptional legal skills set them apart from the competition. Contact the firm to schedule an initial consultation today.

New York is an equitable distribution state, which means that, in cases of divorce in which there is no prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement, all marital property will be equitably divided among the divorcing spouses. Equitable distribution of assets may not necessarily mean a strictly equal split; property is divided in a manner that is meant to be fair to both parties based on their unique circumstances. According to New York law, marital property includes any property accumulated by either spouse after the marriage has become official. Division of assets can be one of the most highly contested issues in divorce, and it is essential that you are able to fight to ensure that your rights are being upheld and that you are not being taken advantage of or shortchanged.

Legal documents, such as a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, can be drafted by an attorney to help you prevent the potential distribution of your assets. You may greatly benefit from either of these marital agreements if you have a significant investment in a company, own a business, or have high net worth. With the right representation and legal assistance, you can prepare for your future and the possibility of divorce. Making provisions for your future can help you gain peace of mind so speak to a divorce lawyer at the firm today!

Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. is a law firm in NYC that has been dedicated to serving the residents of the New York Metropolitan Area in various divorce and family law matters for a number of years. With more than 85+ years of combined experience, the firm can advise clients of reasonable expectations for the outcomes of their cases, and the firm’s attorneys can draw upon their vast experience to pursue the desired results in any given scenario. People who are facing divorce and property distribution or who wish to protect their assets should seek the assistance of this firm immediately. Contact the firm today to discuss the issue that you are facing and to begin the process of retaining the strong and aggressive representation that you need. The firm proudly serves clients all throughout NYC, Nassau, Westchester, and Suffolk County.


If you are hoping to establish paternity for the father of your child, the family law lawyers at Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. are ready to assist you. They can put their more than eight decades of legal experience to work on your behalf, fighting tirelessly to protect your interests through each stage of the legal process. They recognize how challenging and emotionally charged paternity actions can be. That’s why they pair aggressive litigation with compassionate dedication to their clients. You don’t have to face this situation alone. Turn to the firm that will give your case the time and attention it deserves.


  • Mothers seeking to establish paternity in order to collect child support
  • Fathers seeking to establish paternity in order to protect their fathers’ rights
  • Men seeking to establish the paternity in order to prove they are not a child’s father

In many cases, mothers file paternity actions to legally establish the father of their child and gain access to child support. In other situations, a man who has been told he may be the father may bring a paternity action against another man whom he believes is the actual father of the child. Whatever the circumstances, once a paternity action is filed, a court can order DNA testing to determine whether the individual in question is the father. The mother takes part in this test by submitting a DNA sample as well. Paternity actions can help mothers access medical insurance and family medical history information.

Paternity actions can be complicated and frustrating, especially if you are trying to gain the financial support that you and your child will need. When you come to the firm’s team of family law attorneys, you will receive personalized legal services from legal professionals you can trust. They are well versed in the laws surrounding paternity actions and will do everything possible on your behalf.

Take the next step by scheduling an initial consultation. Contact the firm today!


New York is an equitable distribution state, meaning that all marital assets will be distributed among the parties fairly in divorce. “Fair” distribution from the perspective of your former spouse or a judge, however, can be detrimental to your future if you have significantly high net worth.

By consulting an attorney, you can evaluate several options that may be available to you in order to protect your assets. One option is a prenuptial agreement. This is a written agreement that both parties enter into before the marriage takes place. It makes provision for the distribution of assets as well as other elements that may arise in case of divorce, such as spousal or child support.

With the right representation, you can be certain your interests are protected and are effectively pursuing the results you need for your divorce. Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. has been serving the residents of NY in divorce and family law matters for decades. And people who are seeking to protect their interests will benefit substantially from the proven ability of this firm’s legal team. We understand the various difficulties associated with your situation, and you can be sure that your prenuptial lawyer will stand by you to create the proper legal agreement that covers you.

If you choose to work with the firm, then one of our attorneys will conduct a comprehensive interview about your situation and the desires you have for the outcome of your marital agreement. After gaining a thorough understanding of your situation, the team will advise you of expectations in case of a divorce and the role of your prenuptial agreement. If you are pursuing protection of your assets, you need the representation of a top divorce attorney today.

Contact the firm if you are in the New York metropolitan area or anywhere in NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, or Westchester Counties.


The field of same-sex family law is has been going through some big changes ever since the United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide in June 2015. Our same sex lawyers at Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. are committed to staying on top of this developing area of litigation as to protect the interests of same-sex couples in New York. When you come to our firm, you can expect quality legal services that are tailored to your individual needs and objectives, all at competitive prices.

Our team pairs aggressive representation with compassionate dedication to clients – an approach that sets them apart from the other New York divorce lawyers. Our lead attorneys – Mr. Pollak and Mr. Slepian – have more than 85+ years of combined legal experience, giving them powerful insight which they can put to work on your behalf as they pursue the best possible outcome for your case, no matter how complicated it might seem at first.


What many people do not realize is that same-sex marriage legalization across the country simultaneously legalized same-sex divorce. While this might at first seem unfortunate, it was actually a bittersweet victory for many members of the LGBTQ community. Previously, a same-sex couple could only file for divorce if the state they currently lived in recognized their union, consequently trapping some same-sex spouses in marriages they wanted to dissolve.

Our same-sex divorce attorneys in NY can help same-sex spouses deal with their divorce – and any legal matters pertaining to it – such as:

  • Adoptions
  • Alimony
  • Modification of spousal support
  • Child support
  • Modification of child support
  • Child custody and visitation


Whatever your situation, trust our Long Island law firm to provide an honest assessment of your case and of the myriad legal services that can make a positive difference. Our objective is to ensure you are comfortable during this trying process, all while never compromising your best interests.

When you schedule an initial consultation with Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P., our same-sex family law attorneys can take the time to review your situation, answer any questions or concerns you may have, and explain your legal options. You will also be able to gain a better understanding of how your life and livelihood may be effected after going through a same-sex divorce or dispute. Regardless of how complex your case may be, let a seasoned lawyer from our firm handle it with the skill and careful consideration it deserves.

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Throughout the United States, roughly 50% of all first-time marriages end in divorce. If you are married and are seeking relief from unwanted circumstances in your marriage, then consulting an attorney about divorce options is advisable. Divorce may be best, but there are other options to consider, as well.

Divorce is not provided as a means of punishment, but rather as a means to obtain freedom from the legal contract of marriage. If you are not ready for or are unsure about divorce, you can obtain temporary relief through a separation agreement. While this option does not necessarily have the long-term effects of divorce, it can have many of the same provisions and can be a ground for divorce after one year.

There are two ways to obtain the separation; the first is through a separation judgment that the court orders and the second is through a separation agreement that is a mutual contract entered into by both parties involved. The separation can address many of the same issues as a divorce, such as property distribution, child custody and visitation. If you are seeking relief from unwanted circumstances, then it is important to discuss your situation and your options with a skilled family law attorney who understands the situation and can help you pursue the results that you need for your future.

Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. is a firm that has been dedicated to serving the residents of the five boroughs of New York City in various family law matters for a number of years. With more than 85+ years of combined experience, the firm knows how to evaluate family law situations and provide clients with a reasonable expectation as to the outcome of the situation at hand.

If you are seeking relief from your marriage, then seek the assistance of a divorce attorney today. Contact Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. to discuss a separation agreement and begin discussing the option of separation. We proudly represent clients who are living in the counties of Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Kings.

Finances are often a highly disputed issue in divorce and family law. If you are going through the divorce process, or are already divorced, then you may be required to make spousal support payments, also commonly referred to as alimony or spousal maintenance.

During the divorce process, the marital property will be distributed, and the judge may make a decision regarding child custody if you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement. Once these issues have been addressed, support payments may be required of you.

If you are entitled to receive support payments, it is important that these payments are received on time and that you are not denied the full amount that was ordered. By the same token, you may be ordered to pay support to your spouse. In that situation, you could find yourself with an unbearable financial burden.

So whether you are receiving payments or are required to make payments, it is essential to entertain the possibility for modifications to the current amount being paid. If you have recently changed jobs or have experienced a change in income, then your New York divorce attorney may petition for a modification to the support payments in order to compensate for this fluctuation.

With the right representation, you can present a case to show the judge your financial state to pursue a modification to the support that you receive or the amount you are required to pay in order to alleviate some of the severe financial strain your family is experiencing.

Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. has been dedicated to providing New York residents with the family law representation that they need in order to pursue the results that they desire. The firm understands the hardships associated with difficult courtroom litigation, and when you choose their services, you can be sure that they will stand by you and work with you to pursue the results that you desire. Residents of NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties should speak with a member of the firm today to begin pursuing the results that they need.


When married couples get divorced, one spouse is often ordered to pay separate spousal maintenance to the other spouse after the divorce is completed. Such payments are also referred to as spousal support. These are monthly or other periodic payments to help the other individual maintain the standard of living that occurred during the marriage, particularly when one of the spouses is unable to fully support himself or herself.

It is important to remember, however, that circumstances change. Sometimes, there comes a point when the spousal maintenance recipient is no longer in true need of that support, or at least not for the full amount. In other cases, there might be a change in circumstances that creates a need for an even higher amount of alimony to be paid.

When such changes in circumstances occur, it is possible to obtain a modification of spousal maintenance. This occurs when the Supreme or Family Court reviews the new circumstances of each party and decides to change the existing court order of spousal support. This can, however, be difficult to obtain without the help of a trained legal professional. Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. is a law firm that offers such service… talented family lawyers who fully understand the spousal support modification process.

Once a person files a petition for modification of spousal support, that individual must make sure that his or her ex-spouse is properly served with the petition and summons. The next step is the hearing, where each party is required to show proof of his or her income and expenses. The hearing is held before a Judge or Support Magistrate, who makes the ultimate decision of whether the court order will be changed.

There are many factors that can lead to a modification. Here are a few examples: the payer or recipient becomes unable to work or has a decrease in income through no fault of his or her own, changes in child support make it easier or more difficult for the one of the ex-spouses to pay spousal maintenance, the recipient obtains a job that lowers his or her need for support, or the recipient gets remarried and therefore has less of a need for spousal maintenance.

By working with a knowledgeable family law attorney, you can greatly increase your chances of success with your spousal maintenance modification. Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P’s legal team can help you best argue your case for or against a modification of spousal maintenance, helping you to better protect your future financial stability. Contact a NY spousal maintenance lawyer to get the high-quality assistance you’re looking for! Our firm assists individuals just like you throughout the New York metropolitan area.