Recent Survey Highlights Gaps in Same-sex Marriage Approval Rates

The public opinion of same-sex marriage rights seem to be in an upswing after the United States Supreme Court granted them nationwide after a historic June 2015 ruling. The Pew Research Center conducted a wide-ranging survey between July 14th and July 20th to try to get a better gauge on how the newly founded legislation was faring. Out of the 2,002 adult Americans polled, 55% were in favor of same-sex marriages, 39% were opposed, and 6% were indifferent or undecided.

The researchers understood that the controversial issue was not that simple, though, and aimed to also split their data into several demographics. One of the largest approval gaps is due to age, with 70% of Millennials – people born after 1981 – in favor and only 39% of elders born between 1928 and 1945 in favor. Another noteworthy dynamic is that between Democrats and Republicans – the former approving 66% of the time and the latter approving only 32% of the time.

Interestingly enough, the data suggests that 53% of men approve and 58% of women approve. The numbers are so close that, depending on the margin of error, gender could be shown to play virtually no role in whether or not someone approves or disapproves of same-sex marriage.

(You can view the Pew Research Center’s full article on their data here:


When the Supreme Court announced its decision, many people were worried that it was a direct affront to religious freedoms, as well as something that ignored states’ rights. If the data of the survey has been accurately extrapolated to reflect the American people as a whole, it could show that opposition to the ruling have a greater fight ahead of them than previously believed. Just about across the entire board, approval appears to be on the rise; there was even a minor hike among those who consider themselves Conservative.

Until any definite changes to the ruling are announced, same-sex couples may continue to marry and divorce as they please in all 50 states. If you live in New York and need help with a same-sex family law dispute, you can turn to the professional Queens divorce attorneys from Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P. We have more than 70 years of combined legal experience at our disposal, ensuring that your case is handled correctly and fairly, no matter how complicated or sensitive it might seem. Contact us by dialing 718.414.6757 and start building a better tomorrow today.